Eco-friendly Unmanned Passive Floodgate

Passive Floodgate
The world's first international patented eco-friendly product

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Unmanned Non-Motorized Floodgates
Backflow prevention device using buoyancy and door load
Eco-friendly product

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Passive Floodgates

The world's first internationally patented eco-friendly product.

01. Constructability

The gate closes automatically due to buoyancy and opens with gravity, ensuring reliable operation.

02. Stability

Functions in emergencies without power or operators, increasing water tightness with rising external water levels.

03. Efficiency

Adjusts opening and closing speeds based on water level changes for effective backflow prevention.

04. Economy

Made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, requiring no extra power or operators.

05. Eco-friendly

Normally open, serving as an ecological passageway and preventing pollution and odor through quick drainage.


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